Amazed by Grace

Our original state is grace, which means to be aware of the movement of Divinity around and through us into our world.

You were never meant to go through this life alone.  At all times you are bathed in the presence of Divinity but it is rare that you are aware of it. We often perceive grace as the fleeting touch of Divine attention. It tends to come and go without any predictability, which lends credence to the notion that grace is a rare, gentle reminder of our Creator’s presence but not something to be counted on or expected.

Grace is elusive because we are not living in the present moment most of the time. Our souls are not even well-grounded in our bodies most of the time. Our minds are scattered; our emotions are unruly. If we seek grace at all, we look for it outside of ourselves in a mountain view, a guru, the next book or that expensive workshop.

Awareness and presence are required to find the grace that is always there. Whether you’re open to the gentle touch of grace in a peaceful moment or relying on grace to keep you steady in a turbulent moment, it is always there. All you have to do is shift your awareness just a bit out of judgment, out of fear, out of clinging or avoiding and into gratitude and love.

Amazed by Grace is a collection of essays written over twenty years, as the author returned again and again to her singular obsession – grace. Each explores a different avenue through which grace can be recognized.


Table of Contents:


Notion 1: Chasing Grace

Notion 2: The Grace of One

Notion 3: Original Grace

Notion 4: A Channel for Grace

Notion 5: The Value of Grace

Notion 6: The Grace Habit

Notion 7: Cultivate a Fierce Grace

Notion 8: Principles of Grace

Notion 9: Playing with Grace

Notion 10: Practice Reveals Perfect

Notion 11: Letting Go Into Grace

Notion 12: The Grace of Small Treasures

Notion 13: The Challenge of Grace

Notion 14: Grace is Seeking You

Notion 15: Alchemical Grace

Notion 16: Celebrate Grace


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