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Communion: Cultivating Constant Connection with the Divine

This in-depth exploration of this key spiritual practice is written from an interfaith perspective, this book looks at our need for connection and what gets in the way of achieving it, the process for establishing Communion as a practice, ways we flee from our Sacred Self and how to return, and how to incorporate Communion into our daily routine. Click here for more information!


Amazed by Grace

Our original state is grace, which means to be aware of the movement of Divinity around and through us into our world. You were never meant to go through this life alone.  At all times you are bathed in the presence of Divinity but it is rare that you are aware of it.

Amazed by Grace is a collection of essays written over twenty years, as the author returned again and again to her singular obsession – grace. Each one explores a different avenue through which grace can be recognized. Click here for more information!


Ebb & Flow in the Sea of Grace - Coming Soon!

A wild and lush energy is bubbling up all around us. Although the call may sound different to each individual, the consensus seems to be that a new and exciting ethos of spiritual inquiry is emerging from the depths of our collective souls that calls for authenticity, compassion and inclusiveness. This new spirit pleads with us to restore balance in life so it nourishes our deep dreams and reawakens our sense of justice.

This new energy doesn’t quite fit with the old paradigms. Instead, it seeks a personal relationship with the Sacred, one that cultivates a deepening sense of awe. While this energy has been building for quite some time, it seems to have taken root in the current generation of young people.

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