Spiritual Communion

You were never meant to walk through this world alone. You were never meant to feel as though there was something wrong with you. You were never meant to spend your precious life trying to fix whatever you think is so tragically broken. You were never meant to question or wonder about your place in the Universe or doubt how valuable you are to its proper unfoldment.

There is a Presence in this Universe that is meant to walk with you each and every moment of each and every day.

This Presence is meant to fill you with its grace, energize you with its light and satisfy your longing for meaning and purpose.

This Presence is pure peace, love, joy and compassion.

Even in the midst of chaos this Presence is one of acceptance and gratitude.

Even in the face of great challenge, this Presence knows that, no matter what, everything will always be okay.

You are meant to walk through this world fully immersed in this Presence. You are meant to flow with its energy tides, ride its ebb and dance in its swirling pools. You are meant to allow abundance, healing and love to pour through you into the world. You are meant to be certain of your place in this glorious Universe as a beloved child of the Divine.

Communion: Cultivating Constant Connection with the Divine is an in-depth exploration of this key spiritual practice. Written from an interfaith perspective, this book looks at our need for connection and what gets in the way of achieving it, the process for establishing Communion as a practice, ways we flee from our Sacred Self and how to return, and how to incorporate Communion into our daily routine.

When the Divine is within, we are never far away from its comfort and wisdom. When God is outside of us then we will never catch up to its shadow. Just like the moon is always hovering over the next hill, a God that must be chased is a God you will never catch. So stop running. Sit down. Turn within and cultivate a real relationship with the Source of your life right where you are – wherever you happen to be.


Table of Contents


Part One – Overview

Chapter 1 – Describing Communion

Chapter 2 – All That Is

Chapter 3 – The Sacred Self

Chapter 4 – What Gets in the Way

Part Two – The Practices

Chapter 5 – Step 1: Acknowledge the Divine

Chapter 6 – Step 2: Take a Deep Breath

Chapter 7 – Step 3: Turn Within

Chapter 8 – Step 4: Embrace Your Sacred Self

Chapter 9 – Step 5: Relax into the Divine

Chapter 10 – Step 6: And Stay

Part Three – Application

Chapter 11 – Engage the Practice

Chapter 12 – Stand on Sacred Ground

Chapter 13 – Turn Loose the Storm

Chapter 14 – Hold Spirit Gently


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