The Elemental Spirit

The Background

You are pure consciousness that entered the field of duality - this world - to experience or express the human condition. The process of manifestation involved organizing the pure energy into more and more organized forms - from soul to mind to emotions to body. These four bodies are manifest by your own will.

Unfortunately, we often feel we are victim of our thoughts or our bodies. We feel helpless in the face of ingrained habits or unruly emotions. We are haunted by our past and driven by our future.

Yet, all of this is part of our created self and we created it from our experiences, conditioning and personal narrative. The process of shifting from identifying with your created self (Shari, minister, writer, teacher, woman, Floridian, introvert, etc.) to your true Self (divine child of the Multiverse) is the spiritual journey.

This workshop invites you to infuse all aspects of your created self with the light of your divine self.


Table of Contents of the Workbook: The Elemental Spirit: A Year of Living Spiritually

Part One: Your Essential Self

Chapter 1: Grace - The Divine Field

Chapter 2: Glory - The Divine Within

Chapter 3: Waking to Your Divine Nature

Part Two: Your Created Self

Chapter 4: A Life of Many Levels

Chapter 5: Your Relationship With You

Chapter 6: Engaging Soul

Chapter 7: Freeing the Mind

Chapter 8: Centering Emotions

Chapter 9: Grounding in the Body

Part Three: The Spiral Begins

Spiral 1: What Are You Awake To?

Spiral 2: Discern Truth From Lie

Spiral 3: Cultivate Eternity Awareness

Spiral 4: Awaken To First Cause

Spiral 5: Welcome Revelations

Spiral 6: Give It All Now

Spiral 7: Rest In The Field Of Grace

Spiral 8: Redraw Each Moment Fresh

Spiral 9: Your Point of Power

Spiral 10: Light The Dark Night

Spiral 11: Proclaim Yourself Divine

Spiral 12: Be What You Are Seeking

Spiral 13: Find The Kingdom At Hand

Conclusion: The Spiral Continues

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