Vibrational Mastery

This workshop and the accompanying workbook are all about using your thoughts, emotions, actions and imagination to sculpt and shape your own energy field. It’s hands-on, with plenty of practices and ideas to move you forward. Even after the workshop is over, you can find treasures here that will bring you deeper and deeper into your own practice.

However, I must confess that there’s a secret behind this workbook.

The secret is you already do everything we’re going to discuss. You already are:

  • Shaping and sculpting your own vibration.
  • A divine child of the most high God.
  • Out-picturing your beliefs into your reality with the precision of a master manifester.

You are also already praying. Meditation is as close to you as your own breath. In fact, every word you speak is a prayer. You are already receiving intuitive guidance, although if truth be told, most of  us ignore our intuitive guidance. We find a way to ignore—but that doesn’t mean you don’t get the information. It just means you don’t pay attention to it.

It is your nature. It is your birthright.

What this workshop and workbook offer is a conscious and intentional approach to what you’re already doing. You see, bringing consciousness to the process puts you in charge of what you’re vibrating. Very few of us actually are.

Most of us feel victim to our thoughts and emotions. We hold onto our beliefs as though they were the only beliefs out there. We don’t question them, taking the old excuse “that’s the way things are” as gospel and not just an excuse for being lazy.

Yet even the most unconscious of our beliefs—the ones we don’t question because they’re as commonsense to us as gravity—can be altered with a little bit of attention. Then there are the subconscious beliefs, which form the bulk of our operating system. These are available to you with just a little bit of effort. You know what they are and they often annoy or bug you. The final types of things to shape our your surface thoughts and emotions.

These are far more pliable and are going to be your primary tool for sculpting and shaping the subconscious and unconscious patterns that impact your vibration.


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