Workshops, Talks & Seminars

Here is a list of workshops that I currently have available to present. Although not all of them are scheduled, if you are interested in scheduling one for your church or group, please contact me.

All of my workshops include a workbook, information, experientials and plenty of time to explore how these spiritual principles can be applied to real world situations.

Each workshop is adaptable to the needs of the venue. Churches often need a speaker for Sunday that encapsulates the message and offers a four-hour workshop afterwards. Retreat centers often like a Friday night/Saturday format. We will work with you to customize the workshop or seminar to fit the needs of your audience.

Vibrational Mastery

This workshop and the accompanying workbook are all about using your thoughts, emotions, actions and imagination to sculpt and shape your own energy field. It’s hands-on, with plenty of practices and ideas to move you forward. Even after the workshop is over, you can find treasures here that will bring you deeper and deeper into your own practice. This workshop uses The Elemental Spirit as its workbook. Click here for more information.

Spiritual Freedom

The truth of the matter is you are loved more than you can possibly imagine. Your Creator holds you in the highest esteem. You were born in Original Grace not Original Sin. Your only sin is believing yourself separate from your Source. The Kingdom, however, is found within. You don’t look for your Source outside of you. You look for connection within. It’s the only place you can experience it directly. Your heart is the altar through which the Divine communicates, nourishes and supports you. This workshop uses the workbook Spiritual Freedom. Click here for more information.

Navigating the Sea of Grace

One of the key philosophies of a panentheistic religion - as New Thought and many Pagan religions are - is that we were never externalized from our Source. Everything we are is god-stuff, which is intelligent, creative, and eternal, meaning we are not separate. It is only our false beliefs and conditioning that create the illusion of separation. Our energy pattern imprints upon the Divine Field, or Sea of Grace, and we are imprinted upon by It. Intelligence and creativity moves out from us and in to us. We can bring consciousness to the process and


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